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Underachiever (Know Your Song)

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Got the life squeezed out of your brain
Need some air or else you’re gonna go insane
Better grab three umbrellas cause you know it’s gonna rain

Your heart’s not racing fast enough for them
Gotta get those valves pumping but you still need REM
Gonna travel the world but you still haven’t figured out when

Underachiever - Won't you sing your song? Sing your song
Won’t sing your song?
Self-deceiver - Do you even know your song?
'Cause only you can know your song

You hear lyrics in your head, does that mean you’ve lost your mind?
You see bouncers block the gates, they won’t let you inside
So you climb a hill you’ve climbed five thousand times

And you wish you had an ocean you could swim in all on your own
And you wish you didn’t have to make love to your mobile phone
And you want to have a lover but you don’t want to be owned


Reading about life, watching it on TV
Maybe if you join the army you’d be all you could be
The ticking watch that’s strapped to you won’t let you free

And you’re scared there’s nothing left to say ‘cause it’s all been said
But you want to believe that you can live outside of your head
And take all your words and do something with them instead

Underachiever - You can sing your song. Sing your song
You can sing your song
Just believe that only you can know your meaning
Only you can know your song