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Jordan Siwek is a pianist, singer, and songwriter born and raised in NYC. His critically acclaimed debut album, Sun Inside You, won a Global Music Award for best album, and he won the 2018 L.A. Music Critic Award for Best Pop Artist! Jordan recently became a TikTok influencer, with over 600k followers. His account, @pianojordan, has piano karaoke videos that thousands of people from all over the world sing along with. Top tier singers such as Halle Bailey, Jordin Sparks, Andy Grammer, Tove Lo and Javier Colon (winner of Season 1 of The Voice) have sung with Jordan virtually and he recently accompanied Joss Stone in person.

Jordan’s musical roots stem from his experience on Broadway as a child actor in Les Miserables as well as his love for blues, jazz, and soul, which he infuses into his piano-based tunes. 

“Never has sadness and despair sounded so beautiful.  This must be how the angels sound when they look down on how we are messing up this world.” - Phil King. 

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Brilliantly capturing the pain that indecisiveness can bring people, recording artist Jordan Siwek is back with an in-demand ballad that his fans on TikTok have been waiting for. “Two Roads” is a beautifully melodic new track that stems from the frustrating inability to choose a path for fear of making the wrong decision. His soaring vocals deliver the feeling perfectly as he recites lyrics inspired by Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”. The road to diversion is anything but easy and Siwek communicates this so well.” - D.Price

Kalisha Perera

Having taken the music scene by storm with his debut album Sun Inside You, Jordan Siwek who has racked up awards including Global Music Award for Best Album and the LA Music Critic Award for Best Pop Artist, keeps up his creative momentum as he delivers one evocative and alluring number after another.” - Malvika Padin


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