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Album review: Jordan Siwek's Sun Inside You

The debut album from a rising songwriter from New York City, Jordan Siwek spent 6 years making this record of feel good tunes where heavy attention to melody and lyrics are key.

Songs like “Lover And A Giver” and “Sun Inside You” illuminate his piano skill and soulful vocal work, with the latter bringing saxophone solos to the affair, while “Island With No Name” yields a tropical feeling and “Waiting For You” is an ultra emotive tune that reinforces how much heart is involved here. 

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Pens Eye View Review: By Richie Frieman

Pop rock singer/songwriter Jordan Siwek didn’t waste much time in demonstrating his clear artistic ability to adoring crowds – the NYC native learning from some of the most talented people in the world on Broadway, when at 10 years old, he was cast as Gavroche in Les Miserables. While those Broadway sensibilities are still certainly instilled in Jordan’s current musical approach, his new sound is more classic rock meets blues and pop, a piano-driven effort that’s turning a lot of heads. And even though Siwek found success early, it hasn’t kept him immune to deep, dark valleys; Jordan still works hard to overcome bouts of depression, which makes his music, and his latest album, Sun Inside You, all the more meaningful. It’s real. And it’s meant to turn darkness into light. Read the rest of the review here.

Essentially Pop Review: 

Jordan Siwek Is A Ray Of Positivity With Debut EP ‘Sun Inside You’

Climate change, conflict and humanitarian threats frequent 2018’s headlines, and the world sulks in a seemingly constant state of disagreement. Amongst the madness, Jordan Siwek is a ray of positivity.

Siwek’s debut EP, ‘Sun Inside You’, enforces his feel-good agenda in swathes. Admittedly it’s been a long time coming for the New York based singer-songwriter, who tells me that: “initially I started writing a couple of songs on the album about 9 years ago” but has been revising them since. The recording process began about 6 years ago, scrapping and rewriting content along the way. But, despite the setbacks, Siwek’s refreshing optimism and perseverance resonates throughout the process and shines through his latest EP. Read the full review here


LA Music Critic: Bob Leggett

"....We may be witnessing the birth of the next Elton John, as Siwek’s music has that same feeling, especially Elton’s early material.  He adds a jazzy vibe to “Island  with no Name” and the title track, which is definitely Top 40 worthy. " Read the full review here

Audio Fuzz Review by: Phil King

“What a beautiful voice.  Never has sadness and despair sounded so beautiful.  This must be how the angels sound when they look down on how we are messing up this world.  NYC native Jordan Siwek has been playing piano and singing for as long as he could walk and talk. His influences are Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens, among others, all who weren’t afraid of facing the world straight on yet still sounding positive.  His piano playing is totally amazing, his voice wonderful, and his melodies never leave your head.  This is one of the best singer/songwriters since Cat Stevens.  Listen and learn.”

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Vents Magazine interview by: RJ Frometa

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Review from Melodic.net

Introducing emerging singer-songwriter, Jordan Siwek, whose music adds color to the darkest day. He has been playing the piano and singing for as long as he can remember. A native New Yorker, Jordan has been playing at some of the most well known venues, showcasing his heartfelt lyrics and lively instrumental. Read the full review here

Broadway World feature: 

Emerging Artist, Jordan Siwek, Releases First Single 'Lover And A Giver'

A native New Yorker, Jordan Siwek has been playing at some of the most well known venues, showcasing his heartfelt lyrics and lively instrumental. From a young age he has been playing the piano and performing. At the age of 10, he played Gavroche in Les Miserables on Broadway. This experience inspired him to write music and pursue music professionally. With influences in classic rock, blues, and soul, Jordan's songwriting focuses on turning darkness into light, with messages of love, hope, and unity, which is particularly important in these times of division. He is combining all he has learned over the past decade into his debut album, Sun Inside You, out July 13th. Read more here